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Taking a cue from Rahul Gandhi, Modi says ‘Achhe Din’ is a ‘state of mind’

30, May 2015 By burabandar

Fed-up with the repeated nagging of opposition that has ensured he never feels the need of a wife, a frustrated PM has taken cue from his principal nemesis Rahul Gandhi and stated – “Mitron, ‘Achhe Din’ is a state of mind”.

This should be noted that the entire opposition in unison has chased the PM busy in his foreign junkets with the whereabouts of ‘Achhe Din’. Even on completion of 1yr of rule, alleges the Opposition, Achhe Din is as elusive as LK Advani becoming the PM.

“It is a state of mind”

The BJP think-tank, and its battery of spokesperson including the Sambit ‘Infinite Stupidity’ Patra, Nalin ‘I ate chillis’ Kohli have been battered by the likes of not only Arnab Goswami but even Twitter handles like @PlzModiPlz.

With this as hindsight, the ever resourceful Amit Shah coined the idea of ‘Achhe Din being a state of mind’. With one stroke, as a BJP insider confessed to us, “Modi Ji has not only confused the Aam Janta but also forced the Congress to agree to the proclamation. Afterall the philosophy was somewhat inspired by Rahul Gandhi’s claims of ‘Poverty being a state of mind’”.

The Congress as expected was on backfoot but still managed to hit back; Digvijay Singh proclaimed, “The BJP is a party of copy cats, from merely renaming our schemes to even copying our art of deceiving the nation”.

Sunil Alagh the corporate guy with saffron underwears had an answer, “At least we (oops BJP, see I’m neutral), take a positive message of Achhe Din than a negative connotation of Poverty as proclaimed by Rahul Baba”.

Beyond this politicism, the realism has stuck the Aam Aadmi and we’ve learnt that laborers dying of heat wave in Telangana, and young Muslims denied job & homes in Mumbai have started to tune their brains saying that ‘Acche Din’ have truly arrived.