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To get likes on Facebook, my daughter Misa Bharti circulated her fake picture as Harvard speaker, clarifies Lalu Yadav

10, Mar 2015 By sunnyyy

Bihar: In a usual move among the netizens to circulate morphed images of themselves to garner likes and acclaim on social media, following the tradition, Misa Bharti daughter of Lalu Yadav circulated her concocted images of being a speaker at the India conference of Harvard university on social media recently.

According to our sources, Misa Bharti attended the conference after buying the ticket as an audience but she couldn’t resist herself from going on the stage because of her old habit of giving speeches when no one is listening. After the conference got over she went on the podium and got herself clicked in various poses by bribing the guards. She even gave a heroic speech to the guards on how to stop imposters entering the events.

Misa Bharti
Misa Bharti asking the guards, “Is everything ok, or should I hide?”

“It is not like the first time that she has gone on stage and got herself clicked to get FB likes and comments, she has been doing it for a while now, she has got 100% genuine morphed images with Obama, Osama, Rahul Roy, Ashish Nehra and KRK,” Lalu Yadav told Faking News as he clicked a selfie with our reporter.

He further revealed “she has images of being a keynote speaker at Yale, Oxford, NASA, International space station, Team India dressing room and now Harvard, some people have a hobby of collecting coins, stamps and my daughter has a hobby of collecting fake images”.

When Faking News contacted Misa Bharti about the incident, she said, “You might think only I do this. In fact, this has been happening for centuries, initially with painting, sketches then with cameras. Every leader’s kid has got these collections which show him/her physically smart and intellectually tough.”

“My first fake image was possible due to Rahul Baba, he took me and some other congress leaders’ kids to the stage in IIPM University Delhi where all of us pretended to be speakers on different topics where Rahul Baba spoke on ‘how to win elections’  for 45 minutes to only 5 of us and some guards,” she added.

We are yet to observe how many Likes and Comments she gets and how helpful it turns out to be in the upcoming Bihar elections!