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Tourism Companies want to hire Karnataka MLAs as brand Ambassador

24, Jul 2019 By AdityaSachan

As Karantaka State Government continues to face uncertainty over its existence. In last few months, Karnataka MLAs have stayed in many resorts and hotels across the country. And this gave many tourism related companies to get most talked about people as their brand Ambassadors.

“Yes, it is true. Companies like Chivago, Make the Trip and many more are highly interested in hiring Karnataka MLAs as their brand ambassadors. Because they have been in news sine the inception of current coalition government for staying in hotels and resorts.

They have stayed in various hotels and resorts across the country and people recognize this. Such MLAs will help customers associate more honestly with tourism brands. On an average, these MLAs have stayed more than 4 times in hotels and resorts, this makes public know how big travel enthusiast Karnataka MLAs are. If some would have opened their YouTube travel vlogs channel, they might have become most trending channel by now.”, as confirmed by extremely unknown airport cab driver, Swamy.

While there was no confirmation on authenticity of this news. It does make sense to hire Karnataka MLAs as tourism brand ambassadors and provide them with more stable employment.