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Trinomoola Congress MP Derek No'Brain crowned as 'best Social Media influencer' by Forbes

30, Jul 2018 By javidsouza

New Delhi: Everybody knows Trinomoola Congress MP Derek No’Brain. To identify him as is a no-brainer. He is the news now after appearing in Forbes’ best Social Media influencer.

While the Nazi Trinomoola party is busy butchering its opposition party cadres, like (what about Akhlaq, what about Wani) BJP, Mr. No’Brain is busy influencing their Twitter accounts online. And this has changed his path from quizmaster to a social media broker influencer.

Condition of Twitter in West Bengal, after it irked a TMC MP.
Condition of Twitter in West Bengal, after it irked a TMC MP.

In the Forbes’ list, Derek was at the top of the people who easily made it to influencer club. It all started when No’Brain mentioned a private citizen Rahul Taj in the Parliament. Since then, the name Rahul was recorded in the logs of the Parliament. ‘A momentary break from hysterical laughter for its readers who read through the debates of other Rahul’s in the Parliament’, an analyst commented.

Recently, No’Brain has also dragged another private citizen Prash Patel. ‘After No’Brain spelt my name in the Parliament, my Twitter account got 1 lakh followers’, claimed Mr. Patel. ‘Dude, I got some 4 lakh added. Without spending a single paisa‘, brimmed Rahul (the private citizen).

After the Patel’s incident, several other Twitter users were seen begging, pleading, trolling, spamming and even abusing No’Brain in Twitter so that their account too gets a lot of followers.

Social Media’s (ex-)biggest influencer company, WeFollow’s CEO, Anand Varma, was continuously mentioning No’Brain from the Twitter accounts bought by his clients to his company. ‘Somehow, we should get his attention. A single utterance of our client’s name in the Parliament will surpass our previous profits’, Anand sounded excited.

However, Twitter users from Bangla (aka West Bengal) were scared of mentioning No’Brain on Twitter. ‘We too will get followers when we try to mention him’, commented a student from Kolkotta, ‘we will get hundreds of followers, not in Twitter, but on our roads, following to finish me off.’