Friday, 15th November, 2019

Trying to snake-charm buffalo

15, Aug 2018 By shakeel ahmad

Bhains Ke Aage Been Bajana proved correct in Dewas when the domestic animal turned violent. Perhaps, this Biblical phrase was a kind of instruction to the people by Jesus Christ. Its meaning was usually taken as a useless effort or negligence that was what the Congress party functionaries along with the anguished commuters wanted to portray at their protest site.

But their discomfiture in not knowing how to properly deal with a buffalo has come as a very poignant scene before them as they could not realise of the animal’s aggressive behaviour all of a sudden. Were they so naive in playing the flute facing the animal with complete concentration?

When the Congress functionaries started trying to snake-charm a buffalo, enraged buffalo hit them hard amid the cacophony. The protestors ran helter-skelter as the buffalo’s fury was similar to Spanish bull in the race. Their planning was just spoiled by the brutal behaviour of the buffalo. They failed to read exactly what the cattle had in its huge mind. The agitators started running for a safe shelter. Some might think in their precocious mind that the buffalo was a staunch follower of the BJP because of its excessive concern about its peer cow. The Congressmen thought their action was for drawing Madhya Pradesh government’s attention towards delay in early approval of an inter-city bus service between Indore and Dewas in MP.

However, their garlanding and playing the flute did not secure ample approval by the particular cattle.

The moment it knocked down the politicians by its pointed horns there was utter chaos and commotion at the protest site. The injuries were treated with the first-aid facility immediately. They soulfully thanked the Almighty that none among them was seriously hurt. What began with a political motive ended in a very sad note.