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Twelve men arrested for trying to enter a women's restroom in a mall; they claim 'Right to Pee' anywhere

09, Apr 2016 By manithan

Mumbai: Claiming their Right to Pee anywhere, a dozen men had tried to enter into women’s restroom in a famous mall here in the city.

People who had been coming out of their matinee movie from RVP cinemas were in for a shock, after there was a ruckus outside the women’s restroom in the mall. Police were dragging few men from the bathroom and were charging lathi on their asses. “We wanted to shit inside the bathroom. But these policemen are beating the shit out of us here. Who is making this place nasty, huh?”, shouted a man, possibly aged 30, being dragged by a policeman.

‘If man and woman are equal, why have a seperate restroom for them?’ shouted a guy who called himself as Right to Pee anywhere activist.
‘If man and woman are equal, why have a seperate restroom for them?’ shouted a guy who called himself as Right to Pee anywhere activist.

An innocent by-stander who claims that he had instigated the mob, said to us, “We were coming out of the previous movie show and wanted to empty our bladders and bowels. So, we rushed to the male restroom. But, it was too crowded and it seemed to us that our turn might come only after 20 minutes. We were unable to hold onto our sensation till then. If we had to go to any other bathroom, we might have to use escalator which would have escalated our urgency.”

“It is at this point, I shouted ‘We have the Right to Pee anywhere, why cannot we go to the other restroom?’. When we tried to enter the women’s restroom, a few mall security men tried to block us. We shouted them slogans of equality and charged further into the restroom. But they held us until police came out of nowhere. And now you see my co-revolutionaries being dragged by the fascist police”, said the innocent by-stander who called himself Tradip Dosai.

“We were not trying to take a peek at women inside their restroom. We were just expressing our agony over preventing someone from accessing a particular place. Why can’t we go to ladies restroom or ladies bus or ladies coach in train? Why can’t we enter girls school or college? What kind of discrimination exists in our society? We will not stop here. I will travel to all malls in Mumbai and will enter all ladies restroom to claim my Right to Pee anywhere. Who are these mall securities and police to restrict my entry?”, shouted the by-stander.

The innocent bystander’s tone was growing ferocious, “A similar situation was faced by our revolutionary comrade Kanhaiyya Kumar, when he was prevented from peeing inside college campus. This is a fascist government, which prevents men and women from executing their Right to Pee anywhere. Why should we pee only in urinals? Why can’t we pee in office floors and any place that we want? This Modi government wants to control even our bladders”.

When the attention of police turned to our side due to his loud diatribe, the innocent man had already vanished from the spot.