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UK is searching for new capital, as Kejri wowed to convert Delhi into London

04, Jul 2017 By Nishith Singh

British Authorities went into tizzy after a new announcement by international CM Mr. Arvind Kejriwal. Kejriwal announced during MCD election campaign that he will transform Delhi into London. Sources has informed that authorities has initiated the process of choosing a new capital. As London cannot serve as Capital of two nations due to limited resources.

"Now, how should I blame Modi for this?", Kejriwal thinking
“Now, how should I blame Modi for this?”, Kejriwal thinking

AAP has confirmed that this promise is not a mere election plank but party is committed for this. International spokesperson of AAP, Mr. Assutosh has confirmed this. He also reminds Kejriwal determination and his track record of promise delivery. Ashutosh proudly named  “Free Wi-Fi, 15 Lakh Cameras, Corruption free Govt to asachievments. Ashutosh also announced several achievements such as excellent financial condition of DTC, scam free auto permit and CNG kit distribution on this occasion.

However, British authorities has informed that they will also seek some benefits in return.They expressed willingness to adopt Delhi’s “ration card” model across UK. They also requested AAP govt to send Sandeep Kumar to UK to conduct workshops, seminars and talks on this unique ration card model and impart hands on training to concerned officials.

Twist in the Tale Meanwhile, a major controversy erupted when Italian govt contended London claim. Italian govt asserted that first right of refusal lies with City of Venice. According to sources, Italian govt is of the view that during monsoon, Delhi resembles to Venice. So it would be easier to covert Delhi into Venice and it will also help Delhi to address its traffic woes. On the basis of anonymity, Italians claim that Delhi should be transformed into Venice for at least  during monsoon. They further claimed that recent situation after monsoon rain in Delhi supports their claim.

Future Plans Unfazed by controversy, Assutosh tells that govt will go ahead with London and complete the transformation before next US election. He revealed that his Govt has grand plans for Delhi convert London. If source have to believe, within Delhi also, all MCDs will be converted into global cities: NDMC into New York, South MCD into Sydney, North MCD in to New Castle, and East MCD to Edinburgh. Ashutosh claimed that glory of international CM Kejriwal will soon reach to Mars as only he dares to dream and cares to achieve.