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Updating Aadhaar card has been life changing: claims Indians

28, Jul 2019 By Sukriti Vats

New Delhi: For many Indians, the process of updating Aadhaar card has been “life changing.” In a research conducted last week by UIDAI, many people camping outside the bank office since early morning, shared their experiences of waiting in line to get their Aadhaar card updated, and how it made them resilient in life.

Tanishka Sharma, a primary school teacher, was grateful for the process. She said “The wait was less than what I usually do for public banks, but nevertheless it taught me a lot about the importance of patience, which I exercised while waiting outside the office for hours with no water facilities. Additionally, in deciphering the deep meaning of paan-stained murals embellished on the walls outside the office, I also became appreciative of our country’s indigenous art while waiting.”

Many people termed the season as the best period for holding the updating process, for testing their endurance under the blazing sun. “It was a glistening spectacle caused by the sweat of the citizen’s toil,” officials present commented. An engineering student confirmed saying “Moreover, the absence of drinking and cooling facilities was to remind us of the humble origins of our country. The course of instilling humbleness in me was even accentuated, with being scolded upon by the officials, for sneaking and taking in the coolness of their air-conditioned office.”

There were some people who had to wait longer to get their work done. According to them, waiting for two hours, first to get a token and then another two hours to get their Aadhaar updated was like a Zomato 2+2 offer. A techie hailing from Bangalore said “The experience was rich in lessons, especially for my vocal chords, which got to be exercised quite efficiently, in the course of bickering and shouting.”

“I even paid them for the great favour they did for me, in collecting all my biometric data. I was pleasantly surprised in witnessing the resilience of my brethren, who even in is such adverse condition, were chanting the name of our respected Prime Minister, for giving them the opportunity on a leave day to perform Tadasana” he added.

UIDAI called it the government’s initiative to teach its citizens the importance of patience and how it can lead to success, though only sometimes, if they are in possession of ALL their documents, officials said. “Otherwise there is always the next day to learn the same lesson,” they quickly added.