Tuesday, 12th November, 2019

Urjit Patel agrees to replace Gandhi on notes with Modi clean shaved pic

14, Sep 2017 By Deepraj Jha

Under the contract signed by Urjit to sell the soul of RBI to finance ministry and be a puppet, he has further agreed to print new notes with Modi clean shaved pic. After demonetization fiasco BJP says Gandhi pic is old enough to have any security feature and hence money swap was easily done with the banks.

With new security embedded Modi clean shave image on notes it will be easy to detect black money transaction say if a person tries to buy alcohol using this new note a sound will come “Mitron sharaab bandh hona chahiye ki nahi hona chahiye, world tour taxpayer k paise pe karma chahiye ya nahi karna chahiye?”

This picture Urjit Patel wants to put on new currency note
This picture Urjit Patel wants to put on new currency note

Meanwhile listening all this and trying to connect the dots with logic Raghuram Rajan is back in India as bond..James bond (my name. Is raghuram Rajan and I do what I do) only to bang his head on RBI stairs. But then Subramaniam Swamy is to his rescue because he wants him back as RBI governor because Urjit has refused to his request to print new 20 Rs notes with Swamy black dye hair. Swamy has acknowledged that he was in his Matarani mode when he said Rajan was an American agent running India into doomsday.

Swamy has further promised to give Rajan Extension as RBI governor once he replaces Jaitley as Finance minister. In return he has requested Rajan to bash Jaitley during all his book promotion events that how he has delayed economic growth deliberately.

Listening all this rant Mohan Bhagwat is equally excited says if Modi who was RSS Pracharak is on new notes why not him on at least 5 Rupee notes now that he also wears full pant and is no more a half pant Lathi Chalak and he is even planning to get a mushroom hair cut for the same.

Having a feeling of being left out and Modi hijacking everything Advani deserved. Advani ji died of a heart attack and assumed the body of a witch and has requested that he must be buried next to Babri Masjid.