Monday, 9th December, 2019

“If we are voted to power, RCB will be awarded extra 72 runs in each IPL game under NYAY” – Rahul Gandhi

15, Apr 2019 By The Satire Sadhu

New Delhi, India: As the election campaigns are running in full fledge across the country, a surprising announcement was made today from the opposition party. While speaking at a gathering in Bangalore, Rahul Gandhi has made a lucrative announcement for IPL fans. RaGa has assured that if voted to power, RCB will be given 72 extra runs in each match on top of their score to help them win the matches.

While our reporter Mr Queraisi questioned the people who were present at the gathering about the announcement, A Car Mechanic Mr DK Carthik told, “The announcement came as part of ‘Q&A with RaGa’. Mr VK Kohli, a well-known cricket fan asked Rahul Gandhi regarding his views on RCB games and its future in IPL.” Rahul immediately answered that it is all fault of Modi. If Lalit Modi would not have started IPL, we will not have to see these days of struggle for RCB”

When Mr Dhambhir reminded Rahul Gandhi that IPL was started under UPA Government, RaGa immediately pointed out that – it is true but RCB is only losing after Modi helped their owner Malaya to fly out of the country and now without their prime owner the team is just losing the will to play.Rahul-Gandhi-3

Mr Aisehi Raina reminded RaGa that RCB has not won any IPL in UPA era also, he responded with, “we helped them come to 2nd Rank twice, now if voted to power, we make sure they will win. We will launch NYAY scheme for IPL, where teams such as RCB will be given default 72 runs on the start of each match.” When curious RCB supporters asked under which rule RCB will be given 72 runs, RaGa told that they have worked out everything under the guidance of Ex-Olympics Game Specialist Mr Suresh Kalmadi. In all RCB innings, the scoreboard will start from 72 runs and runs scored by RCB will get added further. This will help RCB for run-chase as well as in case of setting a good score, and fans will not have to complain regarding RCB being 20-30 runs sort.

Mr Sachhi tubolakar asked RaGa on Mr Kalmadi’s corrupt past and questioned his knowledge on IPL, Mr Gandhi defended it saying he is innocent, he is Kal-madi not Kal-modi. He is falsely accused because his name looks similar as Modi, it was Modi who wanted to do CWG Scam. He also blamed Modi for falsely taking credit of successfully organizing IPL along with election, as it was Nehru who encouraged cricket as a game in India.

Meanwhile, some Hardcore RCB haters are getting panicked and are asking questions like from where the 72 runs will come. In cricket, there are no free runs. Is Congress planning to take runs from Average teams like KXIP, SRH, DC etc and give it to RCB? How will they fight for the third and fourth position then? RaGa in a recent interview, however, has clarified the implementation plan. As per him, “Apart from RCB games, whenever a team wins by certain runs, there is no use of those extra runs as the team has already won, we will take those extra runs and give it to RCB.”

While RaGa has assured RCB fans that this will be part of their updated Manifesto (and not implementation), Baba Kamalnath, on the other hand, has suggested RCB to just change their dress code to saffron shade for easy wins in future.