Wednesday, 26th June, 2019

Voters unconcerned with dress

10, Mar 2018 By shakeel ahmad

It has been now proved that the dress holds no connection in securing people’s votes. If it was as such the Congress party under Rahul Gandhi would not have obtained a total of 21 seats in the 60-seat assembly of Meghalaya where he was present by adorning a black Burberry Rs 68,145 puffer jacket.   He is supposed to have changed the traditional trace of a Congressman in Gandhi cap and Nehruvian jacket. Though he boasts himself of being the party president he is usually found in jeans and a white Kurta having open side pocket facilitating at least his one hand directly into the jeans’ pocket.

Undeniably both the clothing let us acquaint with the common man’s dress. The jeans are typically an American dress while Kurta symbolizes indigenous quality. So whatever simple dress was worn by Rahul Gandhi always gives an impression of nothing ostentatious. Being inheritor of the grand old political party it would have been much nicer for him to wear the Nehruvian jacket which directly connects him to the glorious Congress.

If the Bhartiya Janata Party derided at him for wearing a costly branded jacket, it might have considered of those past days. He should revive the Congress previous days dress sense initiated by Gandhiji and Jawahar Lal Nehru. His defeats in electoral politics might compel him to put the Gandhi cap one day, several believe so. His grandmother Mrs Indira Gandhi adorned Khadi dress and kept in mind the party’s clothing culture.

Our political leaders do not inculcate Gandhian sense. What to say of Rahul Gandhi maintaining sometimes simplicity in jeans and Kurta, there was a trend of using costly clothes by every politician. Our politicians are becoming smarter and smarter by their novel dress sense. They are now more fashionable than the previous days’ political leaders.