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Wife's words flattened politician bluntly

06, Nov 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: If a politician falls ill it is deemed a matter of great concern. Not only his family members but also his supporters remain tense till his recovery. In such an instance a rotund, jolly, brown-haired, and black-eyed political leader was unwell for the past two months. Aggrieved with his poor health and reduced condition the wife suggested him to get recommended various medical tests as soon as possible. Though he was not quite interested in undergoing several health checks, he had to complete those typical medically approved bodily assessment.

Sporting a modest black-brown beard that made him more like an artist had a voice with a pleasant timbre. This trait matched cheerful good-humour of his shaggy face. ‘Here are the reports gathered after different medical surveys over my body’s internal organs’, he stated, smiling at his wife. The Netaji’s presence seemed to make the disturbed wife a little more anxious and nervous.  She enquired of the doctor’s response to the reports, of the exact cause of illness and of the likely indication of the symptoms towards any serious ailment. However, nothing was cleared in the reports conducted by the diverse tests.

Some of the tensity went out of the politician’s mind and attitude abruptly. He dropped into an easy long chair. ‘Your words solace me and compel me to be of your opinion. Despite that kind of consideration, you consult another medical expert for your physical problem. You would not avoid one more chance,’ maintained the wife.  The politician smiled across at her, and she smiled back at him—but in a fairly emotionless manner. Turning his attention back to his worried wife, he and agreed with his wife’s point good-humouredly. Suddenly she spontaneously stated a very derisory line, “Why do not you think of conducting the CBI examination?”