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Who will be the next King?: King's trusted barber or a Senior Knight again

09, Feb 2017 By @pK

Once upon a time in India there lived a King who was known for his service to his people. He would go to any level to remain popular among his people. He ensured that basic necessities of life are available for free and would often borrow money from other kingdoms to fulfill his services.

The king was a “Yes Boss” type strict totalitarian, he would not accept a ‘no’ for an answer and would even punish if anyone doubts his judgement. He had a strong line of followers and was worshiped like God in his kingdom.

The king has no biological heir and he was not worried about the next successor. He sometimes trusted his Senior Knight to rule the kingdom whenever he went for hunting. Sometimes the King felt that he was lucky to have a trusted and able Senior Knight which takes the pressure off during odd days.

THe barber kept King's photo always nearer to his heart.
THe barber kept King’s photo always nearer to his heart.

As a spoil brat king would keep a line of cook, barber, artists, bouncers, bartender and dancers at his bay. He used to talk to his barber a lot because like all barber this was funny and always has some new information. The barber used to accompany the King everywhere even in the washroom to clean King’s bottom at times.

One day King left to the jungle all alone and left a note that he was renouncing worldly pleasures. When the news spread the whole kingdom was in shock, everything came to a halt, everyone was moved. People were seen worried about their future ruler(s) and were skeptical who should be the next king.

All the knights requested the Senior Knight to take the command until the true successor was selected. Senior Knight thought he was the true successor because of his administration skills and past experiences. He still continued to serve the kingdom being a pseudo king for a period of time.

In the meanwhile Barber started telling everyone how close he was with the king. He tells everyone that the king wanted him to be the next king because he trusted him and used to take him along everywhere. The Barber would give instances where he directed king to do the right thing. Initially Senior Knight ignored the barber and thought the barber may be doing this because of his respect to the king.

Soon after the Barber claimed the throne, he said that he knew the King more closely than the Senior Knight. However, people objected that ruling a kingdom does not require affinity towards king but the ability to rule the kingdom. Barber claimed the King himself had asked him to become the king; he challenged Senior Knight for a QUIZ on the life of the King.

The Senior Knight did not know whether the King’s armpit hair was black or grey and finally lost to the Barber and the Barber became the king of the kingdom.

PS: This story has nothing to do with the current political situation in Tamil Nadu.