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Woman wearing Cow mask abducted by cow thieves, rescued by Police on the way to Beef Fest

07, Jul 2017 By manithan

Delhi: In an effort to propagandize that Cows are more safer in India than Women, two women here faced near death experience.

Reshma, aged 30, and Priti, aged 24, both part-time aspiring models and a full-time photoshoot fanatics, were a part of 5 member women team which came up with the revolutionary idea of wearing cow mask and posing at various places. Speaking to Faking News, Neha Ghose, leader of the group said, “Only in Modi’s India, a Cow is safer than women here. Our women are being sexually harassed on the street, but these radical rabid Hindutva gaurakshaks are trying to save cows and not women. So, we planned to wear cow mask and take photos at various public places. We hoped some gaurakshaks to offer protection to us.” Neha giggled.

Soon such helmets will be available in the market for the intellectuals
Soon such helmets will be available in the market for the intellectuals

“But events turned otherwise,” Tania Bhattacharjee said, “One of our models Reshma was standing outside JNU, trying to highlight the revolutionary ranch that the campus has become. Suddenly, 6 men started chasing her and whipped her from behind. She lost balance and fell down. They then took her by force and pushed her into a truck loaded with cows.”

A visibly shaking Reshma then continued narrating her ordeal, “Once I was into the truck, all I could hear was moos of the cows. Suddenly, I heard a different moo, which wasn’t a moo, but Move. Only after few moments, I realized that I was standing next to Priti who was also wearing cow mask telling me to ‘Move’. We were being taken through many crooked streets and we were clueless over how and where to move. The cow thieves were talking about taking us to beef fest that is scheduled to take place the next day. ”

Priti started from where Reshma left, “In one such road, we heard few shouts and the truck started going zig-zag. Through tiny gaps, we could notice men with saffron Tilak chasing the truck. We gasped in fear and went few steps back in revulsion. It was the Gaurakshaks. Eeeww! I was like ‘I would rather end up as beef in plate rather than being rescued by Sanghis’!”

“But soon, there was a scuffle and upon hearing the exchanges, we realized that police had reached the spot. They unloaded the cows and we too ran away from the spot.”, said Reshma. “But we felt sad that the poor innocent cow thieves were stripped of their meals. Whose fault is it? The upper-class Hindu Male.”, quipped Priti.