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Yogi Adityanath starts the process to change BJP's name to Congress

27, Dec 2018 By Umang Trivedi

Uttar Pradesh CM Yogi Adityanath has been able to do unprecedented work in his term. The name changing of Allahabad to Prayagraj has heralded a massive change which the entire country has been waiting for decades. The haters would say that there are many more important problems in India which the CM and PM should focus on. But, it’s Yogi Adityanath who really understands what problems are deep-rooted in the functioning & flourishing of UP’s economy.

After effect
After effect

The recent elections held in the 5 states have shifted the earth below BJP and it feels as if they are just going to keep plummeting until they hit rock bottom after losing the 2019 general elections. Congress is very proud of this feat of winning in the states which would contribute much more significantly in the 2019 general elections. Rahul Gandhi went ahead and told the press that they had achieved victory in all the 5 states. When someone whispered in his ear that they had in fact lost in Mizoram and Telangana, he blurted out loudly to confirm whether those were actual states in India. Rahul had placed his hand on the microphone without realizing that sound travels faster than his right hand.

Upon realizing his yet another blunder in front of the media, Rahul Gandhi tried to diffuse his situation by saying: “Yes, I am Pappu, but we have won.” But the media houses already had their headlines.

In distance, Sonia Gandhi was heard banging her head to a wall.

But, as Congress is busy celebrating their victory, they are unaware of the grand scheme Yogi Adityanath is pitching to Narendra Modi & Amit Shah. He has a simple solution.

“Let’s just rename BJP to Congress. When the governor asks the majority party to form the government, we will just show up and say that the Rahul Gandhi team is not Congress. I’m sure Pappu will get confused and by the time Sonia explains to him what is happening, we would have already formed the government”

The sources say that even Amit Shah was dumbfounded by this brilliant idea. A source, on condition of anonymity, told us “Narendra Modi has always looked at Amit Shah for brutal strategic advice. But when Yogi Adityanath came up with this simple, yet brilliant solution, Narendra Modi wanted to give Amit Shah’s position to Yogi. However, Amit Shah was able to retain his position by chanting ‘Mota Bhai’ 108 times”

What happens in 2019 will be interesting to know. However, what’s even more interesting is how many names can Yogi Adityanath change in his tenure. After all, changing city names and erecting statues is definitely more important than irrelevant issues such as pollution, agriculture, petrol prices, infrastructure and many more which people think should be dealt with first.