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Autowala in Mumbai left swipes on tinder as the potential match was too far from his location

27, Dec 2018 By varun chopra
The implementation has already been begun
Tinder specialist auto waala

Mumbai autowala’s are moody AF. Just go out on the street to find an auto and you will come back home loving your girlfriend to moon and diamonds. You can’t hate anybody more in life, not even the politicians. At least, nothing happens on stage, it’s under the table.

Talking about ignorance on humanity, This autowala recently downloaded the App with the location being the foremost priority for him, he strictly ignored beautiful opportunities with his priortities sorted.

Turn by turn he left swiped half the Mumbai population basis the traffuck around the city. While riding on his auto, he swiped a girl next door who proposed to go long way with him. Anticipating lots of potholes along the way, he rejected and roamed around arrogantly.