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Bandra girl gets teaching offer from Oxford University after she reads out Shashi Tharoor's tweet without any fumble

17, Dec 2017 By sameer mahawar

Mumbai. Taking the advantage of her pseudo English accent, which is often made fun of by people in her proximity, a girl from Bandra has got an offer for teaching the students of Masters in English Programme of the Oxford University.

The would be tutor’s name is Jahanvi Kapoor who got this offer under her belt when she read out the most farragous tweet of the season very carefully, keeping the goof-ups aside.

The tweet was made by none other than Shashi Tharoor who keeps arsenal of words with him to win any argument.

Shashi Tharoor happy to learn that
Shashi Tharoor happy to learn that

Shashi has kept his audience busy in rolling its eyeballs over dictionary for his every tweet. Some words have their meaning assigned to them, while for others, the context decides their fate.

Jahanvi has been following Tharoor on twitter since last one year which has helped her to increase vocabulary significantly.

She spoke to our reporter and said, ” Whenever Shashi uncle tweeted something, I used to get confused. I had to refer dictionary to get its meaning. Reading his tweets over the period and using the dictionary every damn time made me reach to a level where I could understand even German and French words. I have the image of most sophisticated girl in our gang. Earlier I was afraid if someone comes and asks me about the meaning of Shashi Tharoor’s tweet, then how would I explain it to him. Now I’m confident enough to erode away common man’s confusion which he gets after reading his tweets.”

How the Oxford University offered her the tutor’s job is another sweet story.

Director of the University told us,” Tharoor has given us the taste of our own medicin. Our team was in Mumbai to make a thesis on his tweets and articles. Some failed in reading, some in speaking and few completely lost it. The project was going out of our hands. One night we were roaming near Bandstand when we overheard a girl reading Tharoor’s tweet immaculately. That was completely mesmerising. We made her an on the spot offer to her to come to our university and teach our students to how to interpret and understand the toughest thing in the world of twitter. ”

Now Jahanvi has applied for UK visa and will be joining the university soon.