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Boy's jaw stuck in permanent "aaawww" mode after watching "jaw dropping" videos on internet

28, Jun 2015 By ankush3

A 17 years old boy named Vipul from Delhi was reported to have a peculiar problem when he reached to a local hospital near his home. He came to hospital with his mother and his mouth wide open.

When the doctors asked his mother why he was not closing his mouth, she said that his jaws were stuck in that position ever since she saw him after waking up in the morning.

An example of jaw dropping
An example of jaw dropping

His mother further clarified, “I remember last night before I slept, he was doing something on his laptop. We got new internet connection at home and Vipul was very excited about it. When I woke up in morning, I saw him sleeping on his computer table with his mouth open. This is his normal behavior and I didn’t bother.”

“Then I felt something is wrong when I shouted at him to get up and he didn’t shout back. I went back to him, and what I saw was horrifying. He was trying to drink milk from glass with his mouth open. When I asked him why he was drinking milk like this, he wrote on a paper that his jaws were stuck. I was shocked that how could anything like this happen overnight. Then my eyes moved over to his laptop screen where I saw 35 tabs open. I checked each and every tab and I found only one thing common on every page i.e. ‘after watching this, your jaws will drop’. The most irritating this was that I played few videos and they were not even worth ‘Ohhh’.”

Doctors have confirmed that they are trying to fix Vipul’s jaws back by making him watch Ramgopal Varma ki Aag, Humshakals, Bombay Velvet and Houseful series.

Currently Vipul is on liquid diet. He can fit a complete burger in his mouth but can’t eat it. Doctors have attached a cotton net on this mouth opening to avoid any flies or insects from getting in till time he gets fine.