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Bride unable to post pics during wedding as iPhone face recognition fails to recognize her due to makeup

18, Sep 2017 By Gaurav Mittal

The wedding evening proved to be a nightmare for Priyanka when her new iPhone locking system refused to recognize her face and she could not unlock the phone to post her wedding pics and selfies. It was only after 24 hours that iPhone could be unlocked when she washed her bridal make up.article-l-2017514411354741747000

Priyanka – the girl from Janakpuri, Delhi – is a huge fan of iPhone and is always among the first one who replaces their iPhone as soon as a new iPhone is launched. Recently a new iPhone was launched and she convinced her US settled fiance to bring one for her before their wedding. She got the new iPhone couple of days before her wedding and she had configured the locking system with her face.

She was all ready with her plans to use a brand new iPhone for her selfies and pics. She had planned to put a series of pics of her hands, nails, jewelry, mehndi, bangles, dress, wedding stage and so on. She has asked all her friends to like pics on instagram and facebook as soon as she would post them. But little did she know that her iPhone will behave so strangely because the bridal make up would change her face. It was as if a denial of service attack has been done by hackers on her iPhone. All her friends were waiting eagerly and kept refreshing facebook and instagram but the pics did not come

While she is still in the trauma and is very upset, Priyanka is planning to do post wedding photo shoot with Samsung Galaxy 8.