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Chief of everyone’s secrets, Mark Zuckerberg updated status to 'Feeling Hopeful' after receiving a Close letter

13, Apr 2018 By upendra2-careergmail-com

After a week of Facebook and Cambridge Analytics fiasco, suddenly Mark Zuckerberg changed his status from # guilty to # feeling hopeful and energetic. A wave of happiness spread across FB offices except for his University topper friends and Google. They are busy in guessing the reason behind his happiness. Upon being asked by FakingNews reporter about their sadness, in one voice, they said we are reacting as per common phenomena of human behavior.

This change left all news reporters and media houses perplexed including Arnab Goswami. Soon after this most important breaking news, Arnab clarified that “He neither has removed his adjective filled allegations nor stopped flash of tweeter feeds -# Brobdingnagian data leak of photos and videos # Aperture of all time

Arnab sadly mentioned that – He is getting more queries asking about the meaning of his written words than likes, shares and tweet reactions to his post. Utilizing this platform, he advised to viewers- Not to search the meaning of words as those are yet to be published in the Oxford dictionary

While on the other side, Mark is jumping in the excitement to be the first ever receiver of a Close letter.

A close friend of Mark, on the condition of spreading his name like never before, agreed to speak to our reporter – He said “Mark is happy because of this close letter which has an idea which he thinks will change his life”

Without even insisting- His friend said that this letter has come from Dinesh Lal – Bihar. The moment news channels heard the source location – Bihar, unanimously, Raveesh Kumar’s name got fixed for reporting. MDTV head proudly said that- “Biswas rakhiye, humare Raveesh ka Bihar database Aadharcard ke database se Jayda bda hai”

In no time, Raveesh kumar took out his diary and started calling all (113) Dinesh Lal listed in his diary. It had all Dinesh Lal’s records except the one who was born last month. Suddenly, he stopped at 50th number and shouted “Yhi hai close letter wala Dineshwaaa”. Upon asking how is he so confident about him? He replied JiO ke free zamane me Idea ka caller tune lagane wala aur koi nhi Idea dene wala hi hai……

Raveesh took the shortest route and appeared in front of Dinesh Lal. Other reporters looked inquisitive (High fundoo word for high profile log), surprised (Village people), jealous (relatives and his friends), and proud (Fatherof Dinesh). Raveesh asked in voice of anger and surprise- Dineshwa aisa ka likh ke band letter me bhej dis re?

Dinesh responded in confident voice displaying his true inspiration from his mobile network and said- “Raveesh bhaiya – Humara letter band zarur tha lekin idea bilkul khula diye hain. Share kar dijiyega sara data Mark bhai- Kitab aur Chehre khule hi hone chahiye”

The social media behemoths agreed to consider Dinesh Lal’s idea to leak all data confirmed by Board of directors FB. Mark again updated his status with photo – # Ganga Maiya ki kasam sb leak kar denge and updated his selfie with Dinesh in suit (no t-shirt) on FB – displaying gratitude Mark added – Thank you Dinesh bhai location Tejpur, Bihar.