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Consider of comparing couples carefully

13, Jul 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: The couples were lecturers at the different colleges. The husband was a senior lecturer while her wife was recently appointed as a lecturer at the girls’ degree college. As the wife was teaching philosophy subject, she used to feel everything in a very logical way. One day she happened to ask her husband a question which was quite normal for an ordinary woman. Why did she dare to raise a sloppy query? This was the most arguable point. She meekly queried from her husband, “Who was wise?” Hearing this question her husband tried to think over the time of throwing out this out of the ordinary enquiry before him.

He remembered that he had not engaged with her in a verbal war just before his arrival from the college. Then what is the wife’s motive in asking such difficult question? Though this query seems pretty easier for the response, there is no requirement of this general question at this moment. He knew it very well that he could not escape from answering the question. So, he with a very positive and calm posture considered of an apt reply. Actually, he maintained that there was no comparison of her wit with him. She was undoubtedly cleverer than him.

This fact was known to everyone right from the college to the locality. When the wife heard these words she hesitated to accept his praiseworthy expressions. She thought for a second that her husband was only pleasing her by his nature. Clarifying his points of view he cleared that your brains worked faster than him in every matter. Therefore it was not possible for you to marry with a fool and you preferred a lecturer. The husband’s calculated words were evidently clear. How could it not be? The learned husband aimed at both the targets by one pointed arrow.