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DoT issues list of people you can criticize online

16, Feb 2013 By Sandeep Kadian

Department of Telecommunications has issued a list of people that people can criticize online without the fear of getting their content blocked. The list is exhaustive and criticizing any person outside this list may lead to a block or removal of the content completely. Repeated criticism of people outside the list may lead to a prison sentence.

A press release by DoT said, “We respect free speech and are committed to protect freedom of expression of Indian citizens. That is why we have issued this list so that Indians know that they can criticize people online, as long as that person’s name is in this list.”

The complete list of people you can criticize is mentioned below:

1)      Narendra Modi

2)      Narendra Modi

3)      Narendra Modi

4)      Narendra Modi

5)      Narendra Modi

6)      Narendra Modi

7)      Narendra Modi

8)      Narendra Modi

9)      Narendra Modi

10)   Chetan Bhagat

If anyone thinks there is a name in the list that shouldn’t be there, they can contact DoT to request the removal of that person from the list.