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Due to Facebook Check-ins at expensive hotels, IT department raids primary teacher's house

06, Mar 2014 By mat kar chamatkar yar..

Ahmedabad, Vibrant Gujarat A team of 6 IT Department persons  raided an Ahmedabad based Primary Teacher’s home on Tuesday.

The home of Vidyasahayak Sikshakkumar Pathak, 27, was thoroughly surveyed by the Department Persons. The Survey Team has found just a Gareeb Vikaas Patra worth Rs.10000/-  , one old Salora ECP  ColourTelevision with Doordarshan DTH and one old cheap Chinese Cellular Phone with GPRS (not even  3G supported).

The victim is working as a Primary Teacher at a Municipal School with a fixed monthly remuneration of Rs. 2500, the usual pay offered to all Primary Teachers of Vibrant Gujarat.

My monthly drawings are even less than daily Chaay-Paani expenses of the Surveyor Team” – says Vidyasahayak Pathak.

According to the departmental authorities, Mr. Pathak’s home was raided because of his frequent Facebook Check-ins at Expensive Hotels.

I hardly manage to buy 30 days’ Daal-Chaawal  from such a tiny salary. Therefore, I used to Check-In at expensive hotels to convince my mind.” – said by Pathak.

Pathak has not filed a single IT return in his life so far. He is not even having a PAN.

We have been given instructions to keep a watch on people’s Check-ins at Luxury Hotels and Airports”, according to the Jurisdictional Commissioner of  IT Department.

Vidyasahayak Pathak  has agreed for a disclosure of Rs.10,000. The Department is still finding any other Documentary/Physical Evidence of undisclosed income.