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Facebook deploys new Mainframe systems to provide faster access to Salmaan Khan related posts

11, May 2015 By ankush3

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced today that they will be buying high processing  mainframe systems to accommodate high traffic load causing due to millions of Salmaan Khan related posts. The announcement was made after a power outage happened in Facebook data centers last night. Till now Facebook has not confirmed the cause of this outage but according to insiders it happened due to some Salmaan trending in India which resulted in complete server breakdown for 30 minutes.

Investigation for the root cause is still in progress. Meanwhile our reporters got hold of one of the investigation team member and he confirmed.

Fresh servers, strong as Salman’s biceps in a movie.

“It was around 11 PM in night when we started experiencing  issues. We found that most of the traffic was coming from India and it was increasing rapidly. We started to sniff  data traffic and found that there were 10 million likes and 8 millions shares done by Indian users in last 10 minutes on few posts. Our technical team verified and jotted down the commonality in these posts. Few words such as Salman, Bail, Jail, Gold, Dog were repeatedly being used in them.”

Further he explained, “This thing continued for few for minutes and then suddenly the focus was shifted over the word ” Abhijeet “. This was more drastic. This was the time when the power outage actually happened. We were clueless about what was happening in India at that time. We had never experienced this before. We called our technical support team in India and they told us that Indians are supporting Salmaan, Abhijeet is also supporting Salmaan but Indians are hating Abhijeet. We were again clueless.”

Further Facebook corporation confirmed that they will be opening new facilites in India so that this kind of events does not occur in future. Facebook is planning to deploy 8 mainframe systems in India by 2016 in which Salman , NaMo , Kejriwal and Sachin Tendulkar will get one each. The other 4  will be divided among rest of the Bollywood and Cricket.