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Friends swore animity in whatsapp group over demonetization

21, Nov 2016 By Ankur Maheshwari

When the whole of media was busy analyzing the effects of demonetization in India, they completely ignored the whatsapp life of a common man. An engineering group of friends admitted, after demonetization, there has been a cold war going on among the friends forever whatsapp group. Situation was tense, one section of the group was busy pointing towards the positive impacts of demonetization and the opposite section was counter attacking all the arguments.

One friend explaining his point, almost crying.
One friend explaining his point, almost crying.

“Daily our discussion starts in night after I am 2 pegs down. I never thought Mohan will be such a traitor. We have been friends for the last four years. How could he not appreciate the simple benefits of demonetization. Ok, I know after a lot of courage, I have approached his long time crush to give me lecture notes but that’s it! I know how far I can go, Mohan should understand demonetization is not about me or him. Its for the larger good of society”, Mentioned disappointed Rahul.

Mohan on the other hand says demonetization has hit his life hard. “Engineering life is tough, A 500 rupee note in my pocket was the symbol of affluence. I have been carrying it since first year and have been planning to ask Pooja out for a coffee since then. Today after 4 years, Rahul has broken the bro-code, he stabbed me in the back. He also keeps texting news articles on our whatsapp group, on how demonetization is good for society. Do hell with it! I have been using the same 500 rupee note multiple times since beginning of my college life, in the canteens, at the laundry shops, with the photocopy shops. When the shopkeepers couldn’t tender the change, they always said they would add it in my account. Since 8th November everyone of them is hunting me down. I had to run from the hostel and take refuge with my relatives, those relatives, who were not even aware of my presence in the city for last four years! Now tell me how can this be a good move for society? Common man like me is facing so much troubles & traitor friends like Rahul are taking advantage of the situation. This is not fare”, sobbed a deeply distressed Mohan.