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Get famous with Bakwaas YouTube program

18, Mar 2018 By Harish Sharma

With the recent success of many videos that ordinary people have created, Youtube has now launched a training program. According to a youtube un-official  serious statement, we teach students how to create unusual, out of the world and funny videos and contents of themselves and how to fake things.

People do have a lot of time and talent these days specially for social media entertainment.  And mobile phone do give them a space to create and watch the personalized bakwaas content, without anyone noticing it. There are millions of people searching for a bakwaas content and if you are the one who can create it, then no one can stop you.

Your chances of getting famous and hit on social media depends on how much bakwaas you can do.

Anil, a college student from Gurgaon, has been studying hard to get qualify for some competitive exam and to kick start his career.  However his parent started realizing that instead of wasting time in studies they should enroll him to such program.  A successful person is the one who can create a huge fan following on social media, whose tweets,posts and videos are followed by millions of people.

Now a days one can also earn good amount if your bakwaas got a huge fan following.

Ravi, another student of class XII from Delhi is very excited with this news. He says that studies are not meant for him and he wanted to do something different.  I can do a lot of bakwaas, this is what my friends says to me often.  I have been trying to convince my parents to get me enroll for this, wish me good luck.

So, what are you waiting for ? Don’t waste your time in reading such genuine news. Best of the Bakwaas Luck Guys