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Girl answering on Quora for "height of Indian hypocrisy", turned out to be a big hypocrite

18, Mar 2018 By astha@20

Rita is working in TCS. Like lakhs others, she is on bench for last 2 years and has no work to do. She passes most of her time on internet using Facebook, Quora, Instagram and thousands more. One day she decided to write on quora so that she does not completely forget typing (Rita has no boyfriend or friends). She answered to the most popular question “height of Indian hypocrisy”, writing various comments about people judging girls on the basis of the clothes, drinking habits. Her answer received 380 views and 25 up-votes and she was on the top of the world, as she felt like being proposed by those 25.

But what she forgot was that her colleagues are as workless as her. They saw her answer and got jealous, because their answer never even crossed 100 views. One of her colleague (on bench for 3.5 years) decided to do some research on Rita and what he found out was too shocking.

Rita had never ever thought that this answer will change her entire life. She used qoura to write that answer but forget about her past. On facebook she called a girl “slut” because she was on a bikini photoshoot. She did not stop here, once told her parents about how her cousin has a boyfriend and she goes to party with her (her cousin also works in TCS Gurgaon and actually has work to do). All her colleagues posted about her in the comments section, and the whole India gathered there to bash her down , as if they were waiting for something like this to happen (which could answer the second most popular question on Quora, “what is the problem with Indians”). She turned out to be a big hypocrite and those flooding comments forced Quora  to blacklist her account eventually.

She is now trying to find a real job.