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Girl marries instagram so that she could officially be with it all the time

28, Nov 2018 By varun chopra

They say that it takes 21 days to form a habit but for her, it had been 21 months without a glitch.

Each and every day the blue rays of the black screen would hit her swollen eyes and bring a twitch across her fingers that would gently swipe up, down, left and right all across the body.joachim_janis0551

They were sitting on the line of lust and love exploring each other in and out. He would show pictures of emotions, fantasies, and dreams that would take her to places she could never imagine of going and make her meet the artists that she could never meet otherwise.

She tried meeting guys over tinder but the excitement wasn’t long-lasting. She even tried going out of the way, dated a girl and lost a good friend. Losing every bit of hope in the real world, she moved on.

Scrolling and tapping her way through disappointment, she reached a state where nights were lonely without Gram. For at least half an hour before sleep, she wanted to be with him. To check how he did all throughout the day, she wanted to know everything. He would present her what she liked the most and it would make her fall in love even more deeply, madly, completely.

There was nothing to look back now. She finally decided to get married. Even her parents couldn’t stop her.

In this world of digital natives, she discovered Technosexuality.