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Guy divorces his wife for not wishing on his birthday and later finds out that she wished him on Facebook

15, Jun 2018 By ranjith_pola

Ramesh is an IT specialist at an MNC in Hyderabad. He is married to Swapna from the same company two years back.

Married but unmarried?
Ramesh repenting

Ramesh is not a big Social Media guy and used to wish his wife with his own words out of his mouth on her birthdays and was expecting the same from her. On the other hand Swapna who was more into social media and loved her husband as much as he did, habitually wished him on Facebook and forgot to wish him directly.

This built up conflicts between them and lead to a divorce. Only after their divorce, Ramesh came to see her posts on Facebook saying how much she loves him and decides to keep himself updated from now.

However reports suggest that this is not the first time swapna wished someone on Facebook. Last Mothers day she expressed love for her mom on a facebook post and unfortunately her mom doesnt have an account.

Keeping in mind all the misunderstandings the Government suggests people to express their ‘Mann ki Baat’ directly rather than through Social Media.