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IIN causes brain drain in America

22, Apr 2015 By surjeetc

America is experiencing an unprecedented problem from unexpected quarters. What IIPM started is being taken to an altogether different height by IIN.

Student Feeling by Learning from IIN instead of Harvard
Student Feeling by Learning from IIN instead of Harvard

The White House called an emergency meeting after looking at the recent data of students going to foreign shores for education. It is reported that there is a staggering 135% jump in number of students going abroad as compared to 2014. The data also suggests that most of these students have rejected Harvard and other Ivy league schools.

While there is no official statement from White House, a senior official in Obama administration confirmed the reports and admitted that though they are concerned about the muscle drain to IS, their major worry is the best brains heading to IIN. She further suggested that government is in talks with AT&T for setting up similar institutes in America but it is yet to be seen how they will match the IIN standards.

While a significant portion has been roped in by an unnamed university in IS, majority of these students are headed to IIN. Director of IIN expressed joy and indicated that only students who can’t afford international data roaming are traveling to India, for others they will send data recharge packs through FedEx.

PM Modi congratulated IIN on Twitter indicating he may tweak “Make in India” mission to “Graduate in India”.