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'Instagram' to be renamed 'Instagaon'

22, Apr 2016 By Siddharth Bhardwaj

The new Instagram
The new Instagram

San Francisco: Instagram has announced that it will be renaming itself as ‘Instagaon’. CEO Kevin Systrom has explained that the company has decided to finally go with it after a surprising surge in number of people demanding for the change in name of the professional photography sharing platform.

“This was bound to happen, India is becoming a superpower, and so the world needs to adapt to the needs of its population. The name change would surely indicate the welcoming nature towards different communities of the world and the diversity-phililc nature of the company”, a resident of Gurugram and an avid Instagram user enlightened.

The company is also going to bring new filters to the app which would add effects that would make you feel the village spirit, including one that blackens the image entirely, imitating the effect of lack of electricity.

“For me it doesn’t matter, whether it’s ‘Instagram’ or ‘Instagaon’, the app and all of its functionality is going to be more or less the same, why bother to change the name for no good reason?” opined a stereotype Bengaluru techie, but we all know that we disagree.