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Jack Dorsey, twitter CEO, joins BJP

16, Nov 2017 By Anand Balasubramanian

In a shocking turn of events, Jack Dorsey, twitter CEO, joins BJP. This is a historic achievement by any political party ever in the rich Indian political history.

This is the first major political coup landed by an Indian political party with respect to foreign acquisitions. The days when foreign companies acquired Indian companies are gone. We are now acquiring foreign CEOs and turning their companies Indian through the acquisition. This adds a new twist to Make in India moment.

As a tacit confirmation of the move, Twitter turns saffron right from the login page.



What is BJP saying?

“We are proud of it. This is a milestone in Indian History.”, said BJP spokesperson. He continues with, “We are now starting Convert-to-India movement and this latest acquisition of Dorsey into BJP fold is the first step.”. It is no longer about just having Indian CEOs but more about making American CEOs Indians as well.

Rumors are agog that BJP is aggressively talking to Amazon’s Jeff Bezos and Apple’s Tim Cook to join BJP showing the success and ease of doing business under Gujarat model. Indians merely become CEOs is a thing of past and of no significance. CEOs will become Indians is the new fad.

America’s response

Trump is furious and stopped talking and tweeting to and about Modi. His last tweet to Modi is “Khaaa” before parting ways. For the uninitiated, “KHAA” is used by children to denote they are no longer you friends.

WSJ and other leading magazines and newspaper are highlighting this as one of the major failures of American President with some dismissing it as a rumor. Jack however confirmed the same move via his twitter account.

Congress’ response

Senior Congress leaders are now in talks with Facebook, who had a bad run with BJP, to make him join Congress, in their attempt to own a social media and have it under their control. Rahul Gandhi himself too held a secret meeting with Mark Zuckerberg while he was in US. Rahul Gandhi says he is hopeful and optimistic about Mark liking congress and sharing its ideology with the world.Photo leaks confirm the same.

Mark Zuckerberg, when contacted, denied these reports.