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Job market flooded with position of Whatsapp and Facebook group administrators

21, Apr 2017 By AMIT PANDEY

After recent ruling by government stating posting of factually incorrect, rumour or a misleading information on social media group can result in FIR against the group administrator.

Hiring in full swing
Hiring in full swing

This has lead in chaos among group administrators, specially of family groups they have left the groups immediately after the news came. Chagan a group member of “Chacha Taai Bhai” stated that his uncle posted his marksheet in group and which lead to furore at home saying how can he get 99% marks, which came as a surprise to himself. In reality he got only 56%. His uncle on the ther side says he just wanted to boost up the morale of his nephew who was waiting for result so eagerly. It clearly stands as a definition of misleading information in the group. Chagan at first tried to reason with his uncle but later said he will lodge a complaint against group admin, his uncle.

Whereas, on the other hand Engineers are feeling that there ‘ache din’ have finally arrived. They have queued up for this job too. They say, Engineers of our generation have started doing stand up comedy, but this opportunity really gives them a chance to take revenge from their senior family members, if they become group administrator they want to first block their parents from the family Whatsapp groups. They say finally God has anwered their prayers and after becoming administrator it will be no less feeling than becoming a collector.

Anuj a final semester student of Computer Science from Bangalore said he was never good with coding and was pursuing in CS due to parental pressure. After this job opportunity he doesnt have to worry about coding anymore.