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Learning lets all share nice words

17, Sep 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR:  An erudite person will always bring in use better words in conversation. There remains an option of functioning within the triangle of mind, intellect and body in doing such thing. Even the mystical poet wrote, “Aisi Bani Boliye ……. Jo Auran Ko Sheetal Karey.” This significant line compels one to speak politely. However, we do not seem to be following this principle in our daily life. We seldom use soft or sweet words.

When the observation on the pure indigenous word ‘chammak chhalo’ made the news, the filmmakers must have thought of discarding the use of this ignominious word in the movie songs. Thus, there has begun the understandable way for penning down sweet melodious songs rather than using cheap diction. That very word does not suit well for the fair sex. It hurts their emotions as well.

If we say the diction in the Urdu language soothes one’s heart it cannot be refused. It appears that the language does not completely contain vertical words. Moreover, education is the vital thing for speaking balanced words. That’s why there is always stress on making people literate and well educated. At times, it is seen when an educated woman gets married to an educated man there arises so many problems.

But such wives prepare very tasty dishes which make the husband contented and happy. On one occasion a husband was savouring the tasty dish prepared by his untaught wife. By chance, something got stuck in his throat. His condition worsened to a very serious level. Alas! He died all of a sudden. The wife wept bitterly on his dead body. When she started saying his husband even did not ask for the Paani in such a critical hour. Then her relatives enquired, what was he demanding? In reply, she told them that he died by saying water, water.