Tuesday, 12th November, 2019

Link your Aadhaar to Facebook for receiving justice on Facebook

23, Dec 2017 By Swan

Vishy Kumar, an ultra modern and ultra metrosexual man has created a furore by posting on Facebook that a woman fooled him on the pretext of a prospective affair which has resulted into him suffering from depression.

He wrote in the post ” Preeti met me in my college, she was very sweet and friendly – which resulted into a quick bond between us. Soon she started giving me signs that she was interested – When we shook our hands, she held onto my hand for 2 extra seconds than normal human beings do, she like my every Facebook, Instagram pictures, posts. She even went on to comment “Awww, chho cute” when I posted a picture of mine where I photoshopped myself along with Anushka Sharma in Europe. I was not sure of her love for me, but it just struck me suddenly when she started tagging me in many of Meme’s on Facebook, Instagram etc. When I pinged her on Whatsapp to profess my love, she rejected me by sending me a Meme with only Arvind Kejriwal in it. I realized then and there she was a scam, she never loved me, for the last 2 hours I am crying like hell – I feel like I am depressed.”

His heart wrenching story was soon picked up by many respected Social Media Websites who earn their bread and butter by publishing stories of such dsitressed and depressed people. Due to the unrelenting media coverage, Vishy’s plea was heard by the President of the ‘Frustrated One Sided Lovers Associaton’s President Pushma Singh Swaraj. Pushma requested the President of India to immediately interevene in this matter and asked for immediate redressal.

But before it could be even put in court of justice, a few trained and professional stalkers were able to find the Preeti as mentioned in the post and started an attack on Preeti. Preeti was tagged in hundreds of Meme’s and many wrote ‘Get Well Soon Preeti’ on her Facebook account. Preeti did not heed to such targetted attacks on her Facebook, but all hell broke lose when many of her Instagram followers started unfollowing. Fearing a further loss of Instagram followers which she had gained over 2 years, Preeti decided to apologize to Vishy and decided to enter into an ‘Trial Free’ period of dating.

Facebook helped Vishy get justice back within a few days, hence he has decided to appeal to the President of India. By the time of publishing, there was no response from the President’s office over this issue, while an automated reply was received from Prime Minster’s Office stating that ‘Yes it is possible, you need to link your Aadhaar number first’.