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LinkedIn adds Gotra, height and weight data to profile; to compete with

15, Jun 2016 By रामु काका

Promoters of renowned professional networking portal LinkedIn have come up with an innovative idea. Apparently, after studying internet usage trends India, they have found out that they can try their hands at online matchmaking; which is a booming business in India. They aim to become end to end service providers for personal needs of Indians; pehle naukari fir chhokri.


LinkedIn India head Pranay Bansal told reporters, “We have all requisite data for matchmaking. Typically girl’s parents see how the boy looks, which company he works for, what is his post, salary kitna milta hain, chal chalan kaisa hain, aaju baju wale log kya kehte hain. All our tools,  like profile photo, professional qualifications, recommendations and endorsements, causes he cares for , will come handy here” He further added, “Only things missing in our data base were height – weight data and most importantly Caste, Gotra and other Kundali elements. Now user can upload these and be sure of getting found out by lakhs of prospective matches and their parents.”

Prospective candidates can even pay a premium to display star in front of their names so as to shout to the world that they are ‘hot’ aspirants in marriage market. After probing for revenue stream; he stated that it would be a Freemium business model.  Free users can see caste. But to see sub caste and intricate details like position of Guru and Shani and Mangal will cost Rs. 100 each. This is how we will make money.

Bansal further added, “And our association with Microsoft gives us unique leverage. We will have Skype and outlooks links on profile for communication and video chat. No old Chai and Samosa business. It’s new Digital India, Mera desh badal raha hain.

We contacted one of the early users of this initiative, one Mr. Mishrajee from Kanpur. He was exhilarated, “New service and filters are superb!  I searched for ‘Computer  engineer boy   who should have worked in Infosys after engineering  and should  have  done an MBA from IIM Indore ,  between 2012 to 2013’ and now should be working in Andheri and is endorsed  for financial modeling skills . It gave me 4 results. We are chatting with them all and would be choosing final one for my sweet daughter. “

After the news broke out shares of Microsoft jumped by 20% and hit upper circuit in the stock exchange.