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Ludo king becomes best dating app on Play Store

22, Jan 2018 By Pratik Bhuite

Pune: The popular Indian app Ludo King recently topped the charts of best dating app category on Google play store by defeating Tinder.

LUDO King becomes the king of the hearts of girls
LUDO King becomes the king of the hearts of girls

This dating app which most people perceives as a game is a really simple trap and absolutely free of cost. All 90s kids have nostalgic memories of this game. The creators made use of this point to make sure that the user will get a mate. As Valentine’s day is coming closer more and more people are downloading the app in hope to have a mate to spend the week with.

Instructions for the game are really simple all you need to do is send your crush the invitation to play this game.

  • Due to the nostalgic nature of the game, crush will have no choice but to accept the invitation. Next step is really important, you have to win the game. Once you defeated your crush text them “Well Played” and stop texting. Crush will not be able to accept the defeat and will keep texting you for a rematch. Take your crush out for drinks in name of the rematch and make sure you win in all initial matches. After you spend enough time together ask your crush out and answer will be “Yes“.

Here is a tweet from one user :

I had a crush on this girl for almost 5 years but she never replied to my text. One day I decided to send her Ludo King invitation and she immediately accepted it. We played the game, she chose the pink color, I chose blue. I didn’t show any mercy to her and killed her all golis and won the game. She texted me that she wants a rematch, I wanted to keep playing with her but as app suggested I declined. After this, she went crazy and kept texting me day night. After two days I accepted the rematch in return for a coffee date and she agreed. We went on similar dates couple of times until we became a couple. Thanks, Ludo King for giving me GF.”

After watching the overnight success of the app, Big players like Facebook and Tinder offered a huge amount to creators to acquire the app but as an EX single Launda himself, the creator assured that he will not accept any such offers and the app will remain free of cost.