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Man forgets to Check-in while having dinner in hotel; gets severe constipation next morning

28, Jun 2016 By mat kar chamatkar yar..

Ahmedabad: In a strange incident, the entire political science Civil Hospital was taken aback to admit a patient with unique symptoms. Filmesh Theateriya, 27-male, was brought to the hospital with symptoms of acute constipation.

The doctors were also in a deep shock after diagnosing the reasons for that. Upon a thorough examination of Filmesh’s gastric history, it had been diagnosed that the trigger to cause acute constipation conditions were non-medical.

Constipated Filmesh trying to release motions
Constipated Filmesh trying to release motions

Filmesh, a Social Network addict is congenitally habituated to share online each and every happening around him by means of Selfies, Check-ins, Tweets etc. According to him, he is having seven different Facebook profiles with different names and gender. When Faking News team interviewed him, it was revealed the that Filmesh had actually forgotten to check-in about his last night’s dinner outing.

“Me kal shaam ko bahar frenzz ke sath khana khaane gaya tha. Lekin pencho sab network ek jaise hi hote hai. Isi liye, bina signal, update nahi ho payi”, Filmesh informed to Faking News team.

According to the diagnosis made by Doctors, his sudden such behavioral departure had hampered normal secretion of digestive enzymes and hence, Filmesh had been a victim of acute constipation.

The chief Gastroenterologist of the hospital commented, “This is the unique case in the medical history. This is rather a case related with Psychology. This has compelled led us to research further.”

Filmesh is kept under observation for next 48 hours. His medical conditions are regularly being observed.

His latest Facebook status shows: Feeling excited #having #funtym #masti #gorgeous #lady #doctorrzz #hot- at Civil Hospital