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Man living in cave for years comes out to find that the world outside is no different

01, Jan 2016 By Gatha

A man who has been living in the infamous Cave has finally come out. And he is surprised that so much fuss has been created over the years. With all the experience he has had in the Cave, he thinks people living outside it are no more different than him.

“It’s strange, you know. I thought since I was the one living in an apparently isolated way, there would be people outside who know more than me. But I have been proved wrong,” the man told Faking News.

The Cave

The inhabitants living in the Cave are notorious for being ignorant of the world outside their horizons. They generally don’t come out of it until they seek ‘light’ or some other external object which cannot be found in their limited personal spaces. The phrase, “Have you been living in a cave?” is often used to reprimand a person who doesn’t know even the most commonplace things.

The said inhabitant’s interactions with some people living outside the Cave were not very enlightening. “I read in one of the newspapers after my arrival here that one particular terror group is being a pain to so many countries. So I enquired to someone here and they knew very little about it. Though I must say, the person had great knowledge about some film-star’s personal life, whose name I don’t quite recall.”

The inhabitant also later went on to justify his lack of what one calls ‘knowledge’. “Well, there is no phone network, Internet connection nor any newspaper subscription in the Cave, so it is a tad bit difficult for me to be up to date with what’s happening in the world.”He also remarked that it is as if people outside are living in their own little made up caves and are concerned with only what affects them. “It’s not that there is complete absence of knowledge. People know what they want to know. The other day, I talked to a sports fan. He knew a lot about sports. I also interacted with a doctor, a lawyer, an artist and a vegan-diet enthusiast. They all knew a lot. But I found something lacking since what they said was so contrary to what the other had to say. I am confused.”

The inhabitant has decided to go back to where he came from since he feels he doesn’t have the mental and physical energy to deal with what is happening in the outside world.”I read some online forums, discussions; read the newspapers. I even talked to some bright looking people. And I feel my mind boggling. You guys have issues ,gosh. But I salute you all for dealing with and living in such a world. I definitely don’t look forward in visiting this place again in near future. “