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Marwari boy and girl get engaged on Facebook, will give pompous celebrations a miss

01, Nov 2017 By Anurag Singal

A Kolkata based Marwari boy and girl recently saw each other at Quest Mall and signed a pre-nuptial term sheet.

The traditional ‘milni’ ceremony was conducted online as the girl’s father transferred Rs. 501 to the boy’s grandfather’s Paytm account and smiled at each other through a Whatsapp video call.

Subsequently, the boy sent a Facebook friend request to the girl and she accepted promptly. The boy put up an ‘Engaged to … ‘status update to that effect and tagged the girl.

This is an arranged marriage and the guy has been assigned a P/E multiple of 3 on his FY 18 CTC. The families were pre-disposed to spend INR 50 lacs on the a gala reception reception, dressses and jewellery. But the couple has decided to go for court marriage and save the entire money. We want to stay away from the obstentatious show of wealth that our community is used to.

Engagement done!
Engagement done!

We have a relative who has been struggling with his startup since 3 years and failed to raise even Pre-Series A funding. Thus, as a noble act, we will contribute the entire amount to his family. On contacting the relative’s family, they turned misty eyed.

The couple said, “Once the registrar dates are finalised, we will get married on Facebook Live and send meal vouchers to our close ones who will watch the event from their smartphones”.

After ModiJi’s Demonetisation and GST, there have been hardly any lavish weddings in our community and this decision has come at a big blow to relatives and neighbours. They are obviously furious.

A neigbour quipped, “Agarwal Ji came to my son’s marriage and amongst others, ate 2 plates of Kiwi alone, not counting the Badam Barfis, Besan Chillas and milk with dry fruits. There was not a single food counter where he didn’t lay his hands on. On top of it, he passed a critical comment even if an iota of salt was less”.

“When their turn came, they have wriggled themselves out of the expenditure, citing the progressive thoughts of their kids.

This is not fair. He should also spent 15 lacs on the Rajesh Ganpati catering at 27, Ballygunge Place. Shouldn’t I feel sad that only my money went down the drain.”

The boy and girl are employed in leading MNCs at Mumbai and thus feel that Sherwaani and Lehenga will be utterly wasteful.

The girl said, “Normally I wear shirts and cotton pants to office. I commute via Metro to office and thus anways will refrain from wearing any jewelry other than a necklace made of artificial diamonds”.

For the customary once-a-year Diwali trip to Kolkata to visit his parents, I will take a saree and gold nosepin on rent from ‘ and’. I also have a promo code for 25% discount.

The girl said, “After my annual appraisal is over, we will go on a short honeymoon trip abroad. Anyways I have no plans of kids for the next 5 years and thus will not want to get too cosy with him”.

The boy also preferred remaining ‘Double Income No Kids (DINK) for some time as post marriage, he could not manage both his MBA EMIs and flat rent together. “I also have to fulfilled my Section 80C investment quota for the year.

Had it been Kolkata, the dynamics would have been different. We could have got free food and lodging at our father’s home.

Earlier I was staying in a PG with friends. But with a 35k rental for a 2 BHK flat in Thane, Mumbai doesn’t leave much room for any luxury. So, no kids for the near future”.

“As an upside, we would also be eligible for a Rs 2500 per month allowance from the Family Planning department”.

Social researchers have welcomed the bold display of conviction by this couple.