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One year old boy upset with his father for not posting 'feeling loved' updates regarding him on Facebook

10, Feb 2016 By chachachaudhary

New Delhi. Last week a one year old baby Vivaan wrote to a lawyer inquiring about rules under which a father can be arrested for child brutality. This boy Vivaan was in news 3 months back for sending legal notice to his father for naming him Karorimal instead of giving him modern names like Aarav, Aarush, Shaurya or Vivaan. Finally his father gave up and named him Vivaan.

“Dad, watch out for my turn”: Hurt Vivaan challenges his father

Last week Vivaan was terribly upset on his father for not posting any updates on him on Facebook using phrases like ‘lump of sugar’, ‘bundle of joy’, ‘cutie pie’, ‘my entire world’,’on cloud nine’, etc. He told faking news reporter Bonobos. “Although my father spends most of his time looking on the mobile screen but he never posted ‘feeling blessed’ status on Facebook along with my cute picture. What is the use of having smartphone costing 50K if he cannot do that. Last week I tried my best smile for selfie, did not wet my pants for 5 hours still my father did not click my picture and posted on Facebook. He is rather busy misusing Facebook for posting social awareness for various issues rather than using it for PDA. Rather he spent more time in registering my birth and procuring the birth certificate. Are these things more important than posting updates on Facebook. I will talk to Zuckerberg and ask him to ban my father for life on Facebook”.

With wet eyes and red nose, he continued, “15 years down the line I might carry some regrets and I may not post updates on Facebook on Fathers Day as ‘wonderful to have him as father’ or ‘best father ever’. His mobile phone should be confiscated and handed over to me along with a fine of 1000 candies”.