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An open letter to Pakistan

19, Oct 2016 By pknayak

My dear brothers and sisters in Pakistan,

As true well wishers and good friend from the wrong side of your border, I greet you wholeheartedly and wish you a belated Eid Mubarak. Currently Indo-Pak bilateral environment is not conducive at all and dwindling down to a new low at each passing moment. Atrocity across the border is gearing up as a consequence of cross-border terrorism. In this juncture I believe it is the responsibility of a true friend to enlight the real picture and being a genuine well wisher, I had decided to pen down a few facts that might help you to decide your role and responsibility towards your own country.

On the early morning of 29th September news flashed across the globe that Indian army has carried out a surgical strike in the land of Kashmir illegally occupied by Pakistan to demolish terrorist launch pads in diversified area of Pakistan occupied Kashmir. It was an attack over terrorist bastions and not Pakistan. The line was repeated by various military personnel along with politician from India. Indian army claimed the strike as a success with no casualty to its soldier and at the same time around thirty to forty fatal injuries to perpetrator ready to be launched in various part of India to create havoc through terrorism.

India knows the honesty and integrity of its armed force and hence Indian had every reason to believe it. Quite contrastingly Pakistan denied any such operation and further aggravated the situation citing India has violated ceasefire agreement and killed a couple of Pakistani armies. Pakistan Prime Minister also addressed your Parliament as Pakistan being a peace loving country and India is confronting with you and creating unrest.

In this scenario of unrest when Pakistan is consistently putting the blemish finger towards India, a responsible Pakistani citizen truly worried for his country must seek clarification from the leader whom he has voted to power in quite a few fronts documented below.

Since 1947 Pakistan has claimed that the Kashmiri territory under its occupancy is an independent sovereign country. If it is so then why Kashmiri from Pakistan occupied area are downtrodden with brutality by your army, deployed to maintain sovereignty of the land. Kashmir under Pakistan occupancy has become terrorist’s fiefdom. What is the reason for Pakistani army behind spreading atrocities in a free land and instigating Jihad against India? Moreover, it is Nawaz Sharif party ruling Kashmir after the latest election propaganda. Can someone explain the reason for spreading political will to another country?

If Nawaz Sharif is to be believed then as per him Pakistan is also a country affected by the brutality of terrorism. But the terrorist front like Jaish-e-Mohammad and Lashkar-e-Taiba has the backing of Pakistan army in toto. Terrorists like Hafiz Saeed who is banned by the United Nation and was stealthing in the jungles of PoK till 2001 roaming free in Pakistan and sermonizing Pakistan with scathing speeches against India. Remember it was Parvez Musharraf after defeat in Kargil on 1999 sheltered these anti India outfits inside Pakistan in the quest of revenge. India has submitted nine Dawood Ibrahim address across different locations in Pakistan and UN approved six of those. Still Pakistan has not taken any action; clearly suggest that another globally certified terrorist is under Pak army shelter.

Every time India initiates a bilateral debate to placate Kashmir conflict, Pakistan engages itself with the separatist leader from Jammu & Kashmir. They advocate the meet as an attempt to accumulate viewpoint of every stakeholder. If Pakistan is truly obsessed with Kashmir unrest and looking for resolution, why don’t they also engage Kashmiri leader from Pakistan occupied area and allow them to sit across the table with Indian counterpart and draw resolution. Pakistan also speaks aloud against human right violation in Jammu & Kashmir. The very same Pakistani leaders preferred to maintain silence against human right violation in Balochistan, a clear sign of split responsibility that can queasy any responsible citizen.

Pakistan’s GDP which once touched double digit is now crawling at ground and striving for survival. With no significant infrastructural investment, its economy is heading in one direction only, downward. Forty percent of Pakistan is denied food and another twenty to thirty percent are getting it in alternative day. Still development is eluded from Pakistani leader’s agenda. They focus primarily in conquering the entire Kashmiri land. History suggests Kashmir was not a big deal for Pakistan since its inception, though they had fought several battles with India hoping to conquer Kashmir. But when your longest serving Head of State Md. Zia-ul-Haq failed to counter poverty and famishment, instigated Kashmir to elude the core issue from civilized citizen’s mind.

My humble request to friend across the border is to convey their leader about work priority. They fought three war officially and another at Kargil with similar result in all of them. More so they were forced to scarify more than half of their land to form a new country in 1971. War against India is not Pakistan’s cup of tea. Pakistan needs to battle out hunger and poverty rather than mounting terrorism.

Seventy years back both India and Pakistan were on the same platform. After independence India preferred peaceful development, contrastingly Pakistan chooses to move in a war zone. After failing to combat India in official war, your leaders selected the backdoor method of creating unrest through terrorism. It has derailed India’s development to some extent but completely demolished Pakistan. Now with Mr. Modi has head on to corner Pakistan in World summits by virtue of strong diplomatic manoeuvre, it is highly likely that all global aid to Pakistan may shut down unless Pakistan gets serious about eradicating terrorism from their soil.

Dear Pakistan, you know the reason behind Mughal branding us as Hindustani and Britisher renamed it as Indian is very much the same, our enriched culture that our ancestors had built across the Indus valley. Now that part of the world where Indus valley incepted is under serious threat of being vaccinated.

At the difficult juncture, it is essential that Pakistan must wake up. Pakistani should condemn the despicable and arrogant attitude of their army and demand action against terrorist sheltered in their country. Even after demolishing many parts of India through terrorism, if Pakistan wishes India will definitely bolster you to dig out of the hole. Raise pressure on your leaders to work against terrorism. It is always better to be late than never.


Your neighbour, who is living happily and dares to wish a peaceful life for his friends across the border.