Pal's woes reflected with display photo

15, Aug 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: Distinct display picture caused the man think in a different way. He was not able to believe his friend’s penchant for the tricolour picture as the DP on the social media. Casing such important picture on the popular social domains is not a usual habit of the users in these computerised days. The particular man was obviously very much amazed at this uniqueness. However, he tried plainly to identify the reason behind posting the patriotic picture on the Whatsapp. He absolutely failed to arrive at any positive end. His clear irritation continued to perturb him without right purpose.

Noticeably, people put on view the national flag’s photo on important occasions like Republic Day or Independence Day. The man began to ponder over his friend’s sudden change of mind. In view of the significant occasion, his friend seemed to have arrived at this usual idea. This initiative was everything for a nationalist, patriot and flag-waver. After a thorough contemplation on this point, the man approached his pal. He emotionally narrated his impatience before him who patiently heard his all the points. In the meantime, he made up his uneasy mind to divulge the exact cause of displaying the photo of tricolour as the display picture. He minced no words in expressing the details behind posting the display picture.

As the pal’s wife had departed for her parental home. So the man was feeling an enormous sense of freedom from the wife’s fierceness and occasional irritation. It was a grand feeling of liberation, freedom and self-rule. For him, it was nothing less than Independence day which denotes freedom from oppressive rule. The domineering nature of wife also looks like that harsh, repressive and tyrannical rule. He felt like the free bird flying into the vast spacious sky space behind this temporary liberation.