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Pervert male Lion held after Delhi girl exposes him on Fakebook, harassing a female deer

26, Aug 2015 By रामु काका

New Delhi. A male Lion booked on charges of harassment and criminal intimidation of a young female deer in Gir forest was arrested on Monday, police said, “Delhi University student Camlin Kaur helped us nab this pervert Lion through the video she has shot”.

“See what kind of real pervert faces this Lion is making to tease deer”: Claims Camlin pointing out at one of the pictures she clicked apart from generating video.

“I was visiting Gir national park with my boyfriend as part of my wildlife photography project. We were going by a minibus safari through jungle. It was around 2 PM and the moment we all were waiting for came, we saw a Lion! A big, royal Asiatic lion. Me and my BF were like yay! And I started recording the thing on my cam. But something was wrong, he was walking towards something. Then it occurred to me. This Lion was approaching the female deer who was calmly minding her own business of drinking water. In the moment it flashed to me what cruel intentions this lion had towards this female deer. He then attacked this female deer. ”

“In spite my violent shouting through bus, he continued to harass the deer. The sadistic pleasure he derived by harassing the deer, is itself testimony to his sick mind. His patriarchal attitude was evident through the hint of devilish smile he had on his face”, Camlin refused to answer when our reported inquired, “How can a Lion have a devilish smile when only humans and no other animal have ability to smile?”

She said what disturbed her more than the Lion was that 20 co-passengers in the Safari saw what the accused was doing and no one intervened. “No one stood up for the female deer”, the complainant said, “Somehow I managed to convince the driver Bhaiyya to blow horn loudly and he ran away out of fear. It was then that I decided to stand up for my dear deer sister and filed a complaint with police station. I also want this video shared widely on Fakebook”.

Within 14 hours of posting the video on Fakebook, police registered the FIR against Lion on charges of harassment, criminal intimidation and use of gesture or act intended to insult the modesty of a female deer

The news became the top twitter trend in India. It also shook political establishment across the length and breadth of the country. Delhi’s U turn CM Vindar Walkejri congratulated brave girl and posted a selfie with her on twitter. According to unconfirmed reports, Mulayam Singh said, “Since it was a young Lion, he should be given one more chance to improve. Bachha hain ji, galti ho jati hain“. Pappu too immediately flew to Gir to meet grieving deer’s family. Apparently he was unhappy; they didn’t serve him Gareeb ke ghar ki Roti. Deer’s family said they couldn’t; since in humans, only Lalu can digest their diet, Pappu can’t. He even gave an impromptu but totally unrelated speech on Black money on this occasion.

Late midnight the lion have got bail from police department. On the way back, our reporters got chance to have a word with him. On probing regarding the motive of his crime, he opened up, “I don’t know what mistake I have done by trying to eat this deer. I was hungry from two days. I was roaming around in search of food, and then I spotted this deer near the lake. My plan was to kill it and eat it. It was like any other day for me. It was when the forest officers and police came searching for me, I got to know of this video thing. I also came to know that it was a female deer. How does it matter for me whether I am killing a male deer or female deer? My mother never taught me to discriminate between genders.” said visually upset lion, “We equally like flesh of any deer irrespective of its gender” Distraught over ill treatment by media, he complained, “It was a trial by media.That Arnub Cowswami of yours, declared me guilty and pervert even without hearing to my version of story. Mind you, I am not a dog. I am a good hearted Lion. I kill only when I am hungry. I don’t mind if Deer is Spotted or Not, Black or Brown, Tall or Short, Male or Female, whether from North or South. I kill when I am hungry and that’s about it”. Our reporters ran away when he roared, “I am still hungry since I was not pampered with chicken Biriyani unlike other inmates in the custody”.

Camlin Kaur was unavailable for comment since she is preparing for her stay at Big boss house for upcoming season.