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PIL against couple for not telling the reason for breakup

10, Oct 2017 By chetna chauhan

A lawyer has filed a Public interest litigation (PIL) against a couple who broke up recently. The lawyer, Mr. Ramkumar is found to be a common friend of the couple. He confirmed the faking news team that this had been done to protect the rights of hundreds of people who have been the witness of public display of affection (PDA) by the couple. He said that when he has spent so much time in reading long facebook posts regarding ‘the fairytale,’ of the ex-couple, it is his birthright to know the reason of breakup as well.

He told our reporter “ I have liked the facebook posts of the couple since last three years. Even when I wanted to tell them on face ‘who cares,’ I have been writing ‘awww soo sweet’ for the sake of humanity. In fact, I reacted with love on the posts that spammed my walls. Now I want to know the reason for the breakup. I cannot focus on my work as it probes me. There are many others like me, and I stand for the rights of public on Facebook.” The general reaction of the public has been positive towards this PIL. This is not the first incidence of mass public reaction against a breakup. A concerned person told our reporter, “we invest our time, energy and data pack to like the PDAs on facebook. They let us know every detail like where the couple met, what they eat for the first date, where did the partner go to potty first time after meeting, etc. However, they try to hide the breakup details. This is sheer hypocrisy. We stand with Mr. Ramkumar. He is our hero.”

Our team tried to reach the couple, but the boy was drunk and not in the state of saying anything. The alleged girlfriend refrained from answering the questions of our reporter by saying that she is too busy with the makeover sessions.

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