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Pupils take pneumonia for granted

18, Oct 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: Paying attention to the subject teacher’s words in the packed classroom, the students looked at her and twinkled a little for her simple ways of explaining every harder meaning. They were totally satisfied with whatever the teacher was teaching as it was easily comprehensible by different way of defining the lesson. They were very much happy with the teacher’s teaching method. That is why they did not usually miss the language class. Clear and straight mode made them quite attentive throughout the period. It is because of this reason the careful students seldom made any noise during the teacher’s tutoring.

On one occasion a doctor turned up for the students’ health check-up on the school campus. In a fit to check the students’ mental level, the medical expert asked them a very troubling question. The students were wholly ignorant of the sort of query as their teacher did not tell them previously. Therefore, the medical specialist’s question, “Have you ever been disturbed with pneumonia?” Most of the students remained mum as they were very health conscious. They followed very strict balanced breakfast and diet. Their weight and bodily robustness were quite normal and satisfactory.

Unexpectedly one student stood up and told the doctor that once his teacher asked the spelling of the similar word. He was shocked as the spelling was not clear to him. Whatever spelling he uttered was not conforming to the genuine spelling. It remained the most troubling time of his student life. In this way, pneumonia disturbed him as he explained. ‘Oh’, the doctor said adding add he never meant that point. He was only trying to know from the students whether they had suffered from this sort of disease earlier. However, the doctor received the peculiar answer with a shriek of laughter.