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Self proclaimed patriot on Facebook refuses to sacrifice afternoon nap for candle march

25, Feb 2019 By Guddu Gangster

21 year old Bhoga Poddar is a passionate patriot on Facebook and is quite well known for sharing pictures and videos provoking hyper-nationalistic sentiments in people through social media. Mr. Poddar whose Facebook bio reads “Pilot hu, baap ke paise udata hu”, has hogged the limelight on Facebook since the Pulwama attack by sharing numerous “patriotic” and “enthusiastic” posts calling for brutal all out war against terrorism.

His friend
The other day when Army came

But recently our reporters through proper sources found out that the supposedly noble nationalist has refused to take part in a candle march held in solidarity with the Martyrs of Pulwama attack because of lack of energy. As soon as this news broke out people all over facebook who idolized his patriotism started rebelling against him, some even asking for a death penalty for alleged treason. In order to get to the root of the matter our correspondent contacted Mr. Bhoga and managed to grab a short interview with him vis-à-vis. Here’s what transpired –

Interviewer: Sir, is it true that you refused to attend a candle march because you preferred taking a nap first?

Bhoga : Yes, that’s correct.

Interviewer: You call yourself a “true patriot who keeps his country above anything and anyone”. So, can you please explain why you made such a choice?

Bhoga [leans forward and points his finger] : You better believe me when I say I love my country, (leans back in his his chair again and continues) but having said that I don’t believe these candle marches mourning the death of our martyred soldiers is going to do the country any good. What we need right now is an immediate retalliation with every piece of weapon we’ve got, an all out attack that wipes out every single Pakistani from the face of the earth. Enter their homes, behead them and bathe in their blood. I believe in retribution.

Interviewer: You say you want to exact revenge from Pakistan for what they have done. You also call for war, you call for revenge. So, are you willing to join the army and help the country?

Bhoga: Yes, obviously I want to help my country but I think joining the army is streching it too far. I think we have our soldiers to take care of that.

Interviewer: But don’t you think it’s a bit duplicitous to ask people to sacrifice their life and family for the country while you sit at the comfort of your home doing nothing?

Bhoga [gets extremely agitated and starts shouting]: WHO SAID I’M DOING NOTHING? I sit in front of my computer all day long and never ever miss a single opportunity to share war provoking pictures and videos, through all my social media platforms!!

Interviewer: But Mr. Bhoga most of the pictures and videos you share are photoshopped, morphed and are not authentic at all. They are misleading and instigating!

Bhoga [stands up and kicks his chair away] : So what!! You don’t think instigating riots is patriotic? Don’t tell me you are serious! It is the moral obligation of all Indians to blame each other, start a riot and then kill each other in the name of the country. That is true Indian culture. I hurl abuses online at every Muslim at every opportunity I get. If that’s not fighting for your country I don’t know what is!

Interviewer: Calm down Mr. Bhoga, this is just an interview! Now that you have shared your opinions with us, I think I have a clear idea about your views on patriotism and your stand against terrorism. So, before you brand me a terrorist and file an FIR, I think it’s time to end the interview. Thanks for sharing with us your extremely valuable time, goodbye!