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Snapchat to introduce Cow filter as an apology to Indians

21, Apr 2017 By bumbegum

Delhi, India: In the recent controversy where an ex-employee of Snapchat accused it’s CEO of making comments on India’s poverty, the company faced a huge backlash on social media platforms. Angry and offended users, particularly Indians, took to bashing of the CEO of Snapchat and making abusive comments on his fiancé’s pictures, which were not at all offensive according to the offended masses.

Indians are so happy with Snapchat's nationalistic stand
Indians are so happy with Snapchat’s nationalistic stand

People were extremely offended that they rated Snapchat only one star on play store, bringing down the ratings from four to one. Offended Indians since then have been waiting for a clarification from the company, which they have refused to accept, further demanding an apology.

Finally Snapchat came forward to apologise for the indecent comments made by their CEO, who refuses to have made them. In a recent press conference, Snapchat announced that they’ll be releasing a special filter as an apology to the Indians.

The special filter will be of the holy cow, with background of temples and flowers and voices of ringing bells.

After their statement release, Indians have taken this announcement positively and Snapchat’s rating has been continuously increasing since then.

Faking news interacted with people to know their reactions over this apology. “I believe there could have been no better way for apologising. I’m desperately waiting for Snapchat to release the filter so that I can upload a selfie tagging Modi Ji and Yogi Ji in it. I love Snapchat!”, said Mr.Bhakt Singh in a conversation with our reporter.

A lot of people have come in support of this announcement by Snapchat and are impatiently waiting for the release of the new filter.