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Software engineer accidentally leaves his soul back at office

15, Jun 2016 By Rohit Ballurgi
Bangalore: Sandesh K, 31, a software engineer working for an MNC, arrived home last night only to discover that he’d forgotten to take his soul with him.

IT company wher souls are at work
Sandesh’s soul wandering somewhere in these cubicles

“Due to heavy workload Sandesh has been working till late hours, since last 3 months. Last night he reached home at around 12, he was feeling lifeless and uttering bad about his manager, he directly went to bed, skipping his dinner. In the midnight he suddenly woke up and realized that he actually forgotten his soul at his office,” said Mrs Komal, 29, Sandesh’s wife.
“I know exactly where it is,” Mr Sandesh said. “It’s in the second drawer of my manager’s desk, between the HR Policies and Procedures binder and the CEO’s Staff Engagement Update”.
It marks a forgetful month for Mr Sandesh. Last week he left his balls in his manager’s cubical.