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Sub-standard cashews spoiling memories!

30, Oct 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: Pacing up and down for a few minutes he came around the 12-chair dining table for the breakfast and asked his other half about the quality of the cashew nut. Is this nutritious piece becoming less effectual in rejuvenating the body? Although the much-admired cashews’ various grades are available in the open market yet the best quality proves entirely beneficial. It was definitely these cashew pieces which were used to be taken during the school days making the memorising capacity fairly strong. Simply one or two bits of this thing in the younger days worked wonders. Regular intake of the natural item brought notable success even in the class tenth examinations.

Tough mathematical problems, unfathomable Physics’ formulas and Chemistry’s theories appeared quite easier against its properly routine consumption. Nowadays, its use is not providing just the same benefit to the mind and the body. This was so even after consuming a handful of the cashew nuts every day. ‘Astonishing how often that the very fact is consciously overlooked’, further said the sleek husband sitting on the comfortable chair of the dining table. In reply to her hubby’s problem the wife only stated that your analysis was not so far wrong in view of the overall adverse adulteration scenario.

Even the very common thing like the precious water was assumed to be unsuitable for the Jalabhisek. Amid the widespread flaw of the contamination found in the drinking water, the need of the refined water has been raised currently. Certainly, this big fact remains up the sleeve until the right moment dawns upon us. Then what one could say about the exact benefit of the precious cashews, pointed irritated husband adding that the cashews were not helping him in recalling wife’s birthday. The sub-standard quality cashews were supposed to be selling in the market.